Sizes of Flexcon's Plastic Storage Containers




Please call us to discuss the size that is best for you. We have sizes 

From 6 x 4 x 4 

To 96 x 48 x 52 
and thousands of sizes in between

To find the PERFECT Plastic Storage Containers for Your Unique Material Handling Needs, please fill in the blanks below, and EMAIL or FAX this page to us. We’ll respond with information on the containers that are PERFECT for you at a low price that will save you at least 5% - GUARANTEED! (Dealer inquiries welcome)


Your Container Requirements

The ideal container size for your needs is: 
Length Width Height
The use you have in mind for your containers is:
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Maximum weight each container will hold is:
The date you would like to have the containers delivered is:
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Please Note: Minimum order is $500

Flexcon’s Plastic Storage Containers can be used to transport and store your products within your facility and/or to transport them between different facilities. They provide:
  • Security for your products
  • Stackability for load unitization
  • Nestability for space saving storage between uses
  • Long life & reusability for substantial cost-savings
  • 100% space efficiency